Front and Rear grooved discs and kevlar sport pads

2001 Onwards WRX Front and rear grooved discs and kevar pad package

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294mm front and 290mm rear Grooved Discs  to use with the Subaru embossed 4 pot front and subaru 2 pot rear Calipers, With Optimum 6 curved grooves per face and black painted centres to help prevent rust build.

Kevlar Pads are the first step up from standard, they work perfect from cold, and are quiet around town, when you want to press on they will take more heat than the standard pads, they really are a good all round pad. If your looking for a pad that can cope with fastroad driving or if you are looking to do the odd track day we would suggest using a harder pad like the Ebc bluestuff NDX/Orangestuff